Saturday, August 12, 2017

Glasses and sunglasses into one!

"jins frontswitch eyewear indiaartndesign"

‘Frontswitch’ is glasses and sunglasses into one, and comes with magnetic clip-on shades that can easily attach to the glasses…. 

Japanese eyewear brand, JINS, has launched a new and improved product called Frontswitch that can be worn for versatile occasions. The magnetic clip-on shades are tinted shades that come in 4 different shapes and colours viz., pink, silver, blue, and green mirrored sunglasses plates. Customers can purchase Frontswitch for $150, which includes the sunglasses plate and prescription lenses. What’s even better, Frontswitch is more affordable than buying prescription sunglasses.

So you can now wear multiple pairs for multiple occasions, playing on your profile with different-coloured shades depending on the day or your personal style, and can also switch between the sunglasses plates quickly and with ease. Frontswitch is perfect for those who wear glasses regularly but still need sunglasses occasionally, for instance when they commute or drive. Now they don’t need to squint their eyes while driving as they can put on the shades so easily.

Info & Images: www.corp.jins.com 

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