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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dry cladding for green design!

"alutile systems dry cladding indiaartndesign"

In a bid to build low energy, sustainable buildings, Alutile Systems offers dry cladding as a cost-effective and durable solution…

Alutile Systems has designed and developed a ventilated wall facade system for building exteriors using vitrified tiles of varied sizes, colours & finishes. This not only gives the building a protective sheath, but balances structural characteristics to create an innovative, maintenance free, ecological and well-designed fa├žade system.

Non-fade, frost-free, dimensionally stable, resistant to salt water, non-flammable, harmless to health, fully recyclable, the Alutile system is also climatically favourable – reducing heat absorption and providing insulation.

The highlight is that the tile is fixed on aluminum sections through interlocking and negates the use of any sealant.

Info & Images: Courtesy Alutile Systems
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