Saturday, January 21, 2012

Skylight Blinds

Louverline Blinds  presents  Skylight Blinds,  exclusive slide-opening blinds that open a section of the ceiling to the sky with a manual or motorized operation. 

While skylights create visual interest in homes with high ceilings or sloped walls and provide additional natural light, these windows are sometimes the source of unwanted heat gain and UV exposure. To compensate, skylight window shades for blinds can protect against UV damage and help insulate your home and lower your energy bill. These skylight window shades operate at any angle - vertical, sloped or even horizontal. Just specify the orientation when placing the order.

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  1. Skylight blinds are an easy way to control light and heat entering your home or office. Although skylights are a great way to allow natural light in, sometimes the heat and glare may become bothersome. Installing skylight blinds on your windows can help give you control of when to open and close your window blinds.



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