Tuesday, August 20, 2013


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German company Movisi gives you an opportunity to unleash your creativity, to design seating, shelving and partition systems with its Red Dot design award winner ‘Build’.

Designed by designer-duo Jack Godfrey Wood and Tom Ballhatchet from UK, this smart looking versatile product is made out of 100% recyclable and emission-free ARPRO; expanded Polypropylene, a high-performance plastic foam, with lightweight (per unit: 700 / 750 g .open/closed), allergy-friendly, toxic-free quality. Available in black and white, with external dimensions in mm: 520 x 385 x d300, BUILD is perfectly suited to corporate, home, retail as well as exhibition environments. Depending on individual need and style, build permit different composition and form

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  1. BUILD also ships to India. You can order directly from: www.movisi-shop.com


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