Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Room with an Attitude

IAnD Exclusive

Pre-Diwali Special - Product Profile

By Nitco Tiles

Carrara White

This festive season, welcome the legends of Grandeur like never before and transform your home into a magnificent piece of art with NITCO’s new Grandeur Collection that whispers tales of vintage sophistication.

‘Everything you can imagine is real,’ said Picasso. Inspired from rich and royal heritage, every tile from NITCO’s Grandeur collection has a story to tell – be it of African, Spanish, Italian or Mediterranean origin or of mesmerizing and captivating Marble Book Match & Illusion designs.

Estilo Mocha

Cutting the monotony of tried and tested flooring options; the Book Matched Marble theme from Grandeur gets you the luxury and warmth of natural marble with mirror imaging. The Book Match Marble creates beautiful designs and patterns, when laid in a sequential arrangement. The arrangement produces various reflection effects like diamond-shaped and other mirror images, which enhance spaces stylishly.


Onyx White

It's an amazing transformation of the space for sure. The elite names ornamenting this theme are- Rosalia, Tiger Onyx White and Carrara White. Rosalia is all about the interplay of vibrant colours creating an awe inspiring formation while Tiger Onyx White and Carrara White are the soft colours that create a world of silent bliss. And that’s not all. Also enthralling you are the Mural Wall tiles with Mosaico effect that will leave you spell bound.

Unika Sand

Grandeur Collection comprises of wall as well as floor tiles. All these tiles are HD Digital tiles made with 6 colour prism printing technology. Every design from this collection has a set of base as well as décor tiles, and with interplay of these, you can create your own signature masterpiece. The wall tiles from Grandeur collection are available in size 300 x 600mm

Tortora Crema

Floor tiles from Grandeur collection are anti-skids, antibacterial and odour free tiles, which provide better hygiene conditions and are available in 600 mm x 600 mm size. For easy care, one can ideally opt for these tiles as they resist stains, dirt and can be cleaned with a damp mop, sponge or common household cleaners. 

This collection that is truly a work of art will raise the beauty quotient across your rooms, creating not only breathtaking spaces, but rooms filled with attitude.  

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