Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fabric Canopy

Fabric Canopy from Armstrong
Braced                                                                             Frameless

Translucent material from Armstrong that allows you to play with natural and artificial lighting effects and helps you create 3 dimensional sculptural forms…

Ideal for areas, where you wish to express creativity, such as an atrium, public spaces, or even at transportation hubs, the fabric canopy – either braced or frameless – is a simple and fast solution with easy and quick installation and removal for access and maintenance. Available in a selection of standard colours and sizes and bespoke options, the fabric is ventile, washable and prevents condensation or moisture build up on the fabric in normal interior environments.

It can also come braced on a light weight metal frame, where the high elastic fabric (90% polyester / 10% Lycra) rests on curved stainless steel tubes.  

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