Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pookalam Chandelier

Pookalam Chandelier by designers Sahil and Sarthak

The Pookalam Chandelier is most ambitious endeavour developed designers Sahil and Sarthak and it definitely adds the unique contemporary twist to traditional settings.

This 5 ft tall pendant installation is inspired by the traditional “Pookalams” or flower mosaic decorations from Kerala, made during the festival of Onam. The form of the chandelier is inspired by a deconstructed pookalam, hanging in the air like a jewel. Each chandelier section is hand crafted in brass and embellished with colourful enamelled graphics. The size is a suggestion as the discs can be rearranged, removed or added to create different alternatives for diverse spaces.

A perfect on your wish-list for the coming Diwali shopping!


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