Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Brain Pen

India Art n Design features Montegrappa's Brain Pen

Montegrappa’s most ambitious Brain Pen is a collector's piece for the connoisseur of art and design.   

Represnting the complexities of the very organ it celebrates, Montegrappa’s designers  draw  inspiration from the brain itself, where the top part of the pen is rich and elaborate, while the body is simple; acting as a parallel to a man's body, where all his riches are in the brain.

Adorning the top of cap is a cross-section of the brain, based on an ancient illustration, while the pocket clip represents the spinal cord. The tip is lacquered in red or black, to differentiate the fountain pen from the roller ball. Etched into the nib is the image of a sea-horse.   

Offered as a limited edition, the pen is priced Rs. 4, 45, 000 onwards.

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