Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jaquar Bath Fittings

India Art n Design features Alive faucets by Jaquar Bath Fittings

Discover asymmetry – design that goes beyond predictability... makes us feel … alive!

Symmetry is orderly. Symmetry is consistent. Symmetry follows the rules. That’s why symmetry is predictable. And sometimes can be boring. Design takes a bold step towards excitement when it tries asymmetry.        
Because asymmetry challenges the rules, it refuses to look in the mirror and be perfectly identical on both sides. Asymmetry defies logic. And still manages to be balanced and beautiful. How, we wonder! That’s why asymmetry is cool. Jaquar takes faucet design in a daring new direction with Alive.
It reflects the exciting new possibilities that asymmetry offers - to infuse unexpectedness and stir up the senses with lines that disrupt symmetry.

Info & Image: Courtesy jaquar.com

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