Saturday, January 17, 2015

Next Gen Washroom Products by Toto

India Art n Design features Voxser Toilets from TOTO

TOTO Voxser toilets are equipped with double the cleaning power than conventional toilets for long-lasting durability and unparalleled hygiene…

The sophisticated technologies integrated in these toilets make them one of the most hygienic models on the market today. The Voxser toilet comes with a unique rimless design that ensures quick and easy cleaning. It allows you to reach difficult areas preventing the growth of germs and minimizing the need for chemicals.

The toilet comes equipped with its patented Tornado Flushing system, which ensures a powerful whirlpool of water and effectively cleans every inch of the toilet with an elegant and gentle flow that has less splash and very little noise. Efficient with Concealed Cisterns. Comes with soft-closing seat cover

Info & Image: Courtesy toto.com

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