Saturday, March 7, 2015

Safer Water


Kohler introduces faucets with safer water, free from lead and nickel contamination.

Aleo and Aleo + lav faucets  have  sealed waterways  of food grade material- ensuring  that  water  does  not  touch  the  inside  metal  surface . Inspired by technical  functionality  and  artful  design,  Aleo  faucets   are  both  simple  and  beautiful.  They  bring elegance  into the  home  with  a humanist  and  minimalist  design – an emphasis  on  function  over  form  with  a reduction of complexity. While a protective shell ensures that the faucets are safe to touch, durable ceramic valves ensure a dependable performance and the finish resists corrosion and wear.

Info & Image: Courtesy www.kohler.co.in

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