Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hand-painted Jewellery

hand-painted jewellery by lai designs

The Black and White collection of exquisitely hand-painted black enamel jewellery is inspired from Native American "Pueblo pottery", especially by its dramatic decoration done black-on-black or black-on-cream.

With absolute attention to detail, Lai’s jewellery pieces are crafted using traditional jewellery making techniques like rava (granulation), jali (fret work), meenakari (enamelling) etc., thereby ensuring the continuity of old skills.

Each piece of Lai jewellery is handcrafted in Sterling Silver- the purest form of silver (at 92.5% purity) usable for Silver Jewellery.   Designs include geometric patterns, stylized animals, birds and floral motifs and other symbols. Sometimes these symbols have a consistent meaning i.e any member of the tribe would recognize a cloud or a water symbol, but sometimes the symbolism is meaningful to the artist alone.  

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