Saturday, May 9, 2015

Life-size Sculptural Lamps

Timberlite Koi Fish Light by LZF Lamps
Timberlite Koi Fish Light                                                                                                                                      © Santiago

La LZF Lamps, the Spanish company specializing in wood veneer lighting, presented its new Life-Size Collection at Euroluce in Milan last month - a real life-size illuminated light fixture that defies gravity…

Discovering a new way of diffusing light through the use of overlapping rectangular squares of wood veneer, LZF Lamps finally unveiled the result of their intensive technical research, working hand in hand with a variety of craftspeople and artists to present their new creation, at the crossroads between art and design, to people with an interest in unique pieces. Thus, Koi Fish is the first piece of the Life-Size Collection, an innovative collection of unique sculptural creations. Timberlite® is the name they have given their treated veneer, a spectacular way of looking at light through wood.

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