Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Desk Planners 2016

Rubberband Products’ 2016 Planner

Plan your New Year well in advance with Rubberband Products’ 2016 Planner.

The planner combines function, design and simplicity to schedule tasks and events, make notes, lists and ideas, it also maps your plans, agendas and other information to help you stay organized. Wrapped in a hard bound cover with A5 size natural paper,  available are: 2 year planner (2016-2017), 15 month planner (/01/2016 ... /03/2017) and 52 week planners + check pages. It consist of a ribbon bookmark and a pocket on the back inside cover.

It is available in orange, yellow, blue and black.

Info & Images: Courtesy rubberbandproducts.com

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