Saturday, June 18, 2016

Inspired by French Decorative Arts

Hervé Langlais' Blade Console

Designer Hervé Langlais applies colour and French art sensibilities to his latest creation: Blade Console

After having explored rare materials, Hervé Langlais for his fourth collection, Coloured Abstractions for Galerie Negropontes chose to highlight colour by using pure geometric forms. Inspired by the artists of the geometric abstraction movement of the 1950's and 1960's, he uses line as a structural base for his creations.

Using colour eclecticism like Prada and Marni, his creations are refine and audacious, dressed in lacquer so as to magnify colours in a rich and shiny pallet; a veritable explosion for the senses. Associated with palm marquetry, this is homage to the Art Deco movement.
The Blade Console showcases excellence of French decorative arts thus underlining the close link between art and craftsmanship. It measures 31.5 in.H x 79.92 in.W x 15.75 in.D and comes in polished Brass and Makassar.

Info & Images: Courtesy alexandrapr.com

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