Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Corner Cabinets from Häfele

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CORNERSTONE from the house of VauthSagel presented by Häfele

CORNERSTONE from the house of VauthSagel presented by Häfele equips you with dynamic access to the most underestimated spaces in a kitchen – corners!

Especially designed to use corner spaces more effectively, CORNERSTONE is a swivelling system component for corner cabinets that extends the entire contents out of the cabinet when pulled outwards.

As a matter of fact, corner spaces, when utilized optimally can prove to be the most effective space allocations for storing pots and pans and other daily utility items. CORNERSTONE has a travel path that is controlled and confined to the area of the corner cabinet carcass; and this advantages the neighbouring cabinets or dishwasher space by freeing it from impediments.

Info & Images: Courtesy Hafele India
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  1. I love to redesign my kitchen with unique ideas happy to see the result


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