Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Details make the design

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Cabinets and furniture units are essentially carcasses given form, functionality and life. The said functionality is achieved by using precise furniture hardware.

Häfele understands this need for detail and presents a diverse range of furniture hardware and accessories by Italiana Ferramenta, an Italian company specializing in production of high quality accessories and ironmongery for the furniture industry.

Silently delivering strength, stability and function, the range guarantees long-lasting results, and  consists of: shelf supports (connect wooden and glass shelves to the furniture unit / cabinet), shelving systems (provide support for free-standing shelves), connectors (enable complete cabinet construction), levellers (align heavy duty wardrobes, bookcases and modular furniture); besides hinges, flap fittings, concealed cabinet hangers, door buffers (prevents cabinet doors from noisily slamming), etc.

Info & Images: Courtesy Hafele India
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