Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ultimate bike for urban riders

Vello Bike+

Urban cyclists can now get the ultimate with designer, Valentin Vodev’s bike design...  

With traffic snarls and fitness-consciousness on the rise, the Vello Bike+ comes as a refreshing product in this league.  As the first self-charging electric folding bike developed for urban commuting, it combines the best features of city, racing and trekking bikes with new functions and technologies like safety lights, magnetic suspension, personal online registration and identification system, and a mudguard to suit urban lifestyle. 

Its compact size and 20 inch wheels make it easily manoeuvrable and responsive for speedy handling. Thanks to its patented magnet suspension system, it can be folded within seconds for easy storage.

The Vello Bike+ is available in three models: Urbano, Rocky and Speedster

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