Saturday, February 18, 2017

'Giro' - cutlery designed for Alessi

"UNStudio Giro cutlery indiaartndesign"

In the new Giro cutlery set designed by Ben van Berkel of UNStudio for Alessi, a twist originates from the point, where the handle transforms into blade and graduates along its length...
UNStudio extends its archetypal architectural curve to designing cutlery, transforming it into a tactile framework on the human scale, one that is directly related to the body and to touch. 

Based on three-finger concept for holding and balancing the cutlery, Giro meaning ‘turn’ has its weight transferring from the lifting position to the position of use; its ergonomic silhouette presenting a balance between the modern and the classical.      

The Giro cutlery family ranges from the basic - Tablespoon, Fork, Knife to Pastry fork, Salad set and Cake server etc.

Info & Images: Courtesy UNStudio

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