Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sparkling diamonds by Tom Dixon

"cut light tom dixon indiaartndesign"

Tom Dixon’s new lighting design is chiselled to sparkle like a diamond!
‘Cut’ is inspired by the way diamonds are chiselled – the diligent process that draws out the clarity and luminosity of the precious gemstone. Futuristic and faceted, Cut is an exercise in optics. Its space-age mirror finish, when turned-off, transforms to reveal a translucent kaleidoscopic gem, when switched on.

Hypnotising reflections of the luminous orb repeat infinitely within the diamond cut, vacuum metallised interior. Produced in both chrome and smoke finishes, small and long, pendant and surface – these are the latest adventures in Dixon’s endless fascination with reflectivity, luminosity and transparency.

Each piece is lightweight with Width 50cm/19.6in and Height 55cm/21.6in

Info & images: Courtesy www.tomdixon.net

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