Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Smart Home Assistant

"nvidia spot smart home assistant indiaartndesign"

Nvidia Corporation, known best for making gaming controls presents the ‘Nvidia Spot’ – your personal smart home assistant.

A supplement for the Nvidia Shield TV with which smart home devices can be controlled from any room, the device is plugged into a wall socket and can then be operated via the Google Assistant voice service. At the same time, it serves as a repeater, amplifying the existing Wi-Fi signal. In this way, films can be started, playlists played, weather information and sports news retrieved, or wake-up times set by voice command. Spot uses a far-field directional microphone with acoustic feedback to the user so that he knows that his voice commands are being processed. As the system is capable of learning, it adapts to the user with prolonged duration of use.

Winner of Red Dot 2017 Product Design award, the Nvidia Spot is acclaimed by the jury as “A shapely solution with innovative functions rendering life more comfortable in a networked home”.

Info & Images: red-dot.de


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