Saturday, August 5, 2017

Eco-friendly bin

©Deborah Kang & Noel Michaels

Designer Deborah Kang designs EcoTrio® elliptical shaped, commercial recycling bin - an ecologically intelligent recycling receptacle for the streets of Chicago!

EcoTrio®, LLC was formulated in 2005 and is currently selling ‘The Street’ version in two finishes: stainless steel with a brushed satin finish and carbon steel, powder-coated in sparkle silver, for indoor use. The intent of this company would be to market these products in cities that are ecologically aware all over the world.

The EcoTrio® is elliptical in shape with three compartments for papers (newspapers, paper, magazines), containers (plastic, glass bottles, steel and aluminum cans) and trash. The container section has a circular opening on the top of the can and the paper section is identified by rectangular openings on the side and top of the receptacle. EcoTrio® lid and side openings are interchangeable to allow flexibility for the user.

With overall dimensions 31” length, 12” width, “33” height, it makes for a convenient and aesthetic trashbuster. The product has been winning hearts at several awards for its sustainability.

Info & Images: Courtesy v2com

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