Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Play with your bookshelf!

"x bookshelf peoples industrial design office indiaartndesign"

People's Industrial Design Office (PIDO) has developed '+x Bookshelf' components into a flexible, modular shelving system with limitless possibilities. 

The bookshelf is oriented diagonally, capable of holding books without the use of bookends. This new form comes with a range of new potential uses: its application can be as varied as covering an entire wall or functioning as a freestanding mid-height spatial divider. A wooden base is provided for the freestanding iteration. 

The shelves are 3mm thick anodized aluminium and come in many different colours. They can be inserted with different orientations, allowing for several nodal modulations. Together, the reflections on the aluminium shelves create a colour-blending effect. The frame of the bookshelf is steel and can be completely flat-packed for efficient shipping. The bookshelf can be assembled simply, by screwing together its various parts.

Info & Images: www.peoples-architecture.com

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