Saturday, October 28, 2017

Häfele’s walk-in wardrobes

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Welcome to the world of Häfele’s spacious walk-in wardrobe…

Häfele’s new walk-in wardrobe fittings transform your wardrobe into a space to be lived in with its modular structure allowing one to use the entire height with a complete range of suspended shelves and accessories. The new, patented fixture system allows altering the number and position of clothes racks, shelves and drawers for superlative display.

All drawers and pull-out systems are compatible with Blum runners and can be installed on the default aluminum frame structures as well as into wooden cabinets. The frames are available in black, dark brown, champagne and silver-anodized finishes.

With Häfele’s new Inspired Closet Organization System, one can combine pull-outs, wardrobe lifts, fixed shelves, LED-illuminated shelves, Blum box systems etc., to achieve customisable and elegant spaciousness. 

Info & Images: Courtesy Hafele India 
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