Saturday, November 4, 2017

Composing an ever-changing natural painting!

"UME studio flower curtain indiaartndesign"

Stockholm based textile designer Akane Moriyama’s Draped Flowers Curtain is a dynamic visual divider that beautifully responds to your ministrations!!

An ever-changing living vertical divider, the Draped Flowers Curtain contains over 100 pockets, where fresh flowers can be placed, transforming the space it inhabits by offering a landscape of seasonality and personal context. The limited run of 30 curtains are knit from a durable thread spun from Washi - a paper made of Manilla jute; with each pocket hand-sewn to conceal the glass vessels within the fabric’s draping. As nature’s own room divider, the flora within the curtain is the owner’s choosing, setting him free to design a floral tableau, whose appearance and scent are ever changing and in sync with the seasons.

The finished pieces are entirely organic, durable, chemical free, and washable.  Draped Flowers Curtain is a part of UMÉ Studio, a debut collection of delicate yet purposeful objects for everyday living.

Info & Images: v2com

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