Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A touch of good mood!

"Masquespacio Wink Houtique indiaartndesign"

Masquespacio presents “Wink”, a lamp designed for a touch of good mood…

Designed by creative consultancy, Houtique, that creates iconic as well as timeless pieces, with a touch of good mood, ‘Wink', as this lamp is christened, is composed of various elements that draw the line between observation and retention. 

The overall measurements of 'Wink' are 60 x 30 x 1, and are defined by a 20mm gold plated tube structure, 16cm Crystal sphere, and E14 Bulb. The length of the fringe is 15 cm, which holds it perpendicular.

Info & Images: courtesy Masquespacio

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