Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The mouse is now conical!

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Designer Inyeop Baek gives us a new mouse design that will change the way you look at the little black handyman!  

Meet Cone - the new computer mouse! This twist on the design is a whole lot more aesthetically appealing if not entirely more ergonomic than the traditional mouse we’ve known thus far.

Its upright, pointed form is a total wrist-saver. It instantaneously positions your hand, arm, and fingers in a natural position that reduces strain on the metatarsals and upper hand by allowing a portion of the weight to be distributed across the conical surface. The buttons are articulated in such a way that the fingers can curl naturally and click with ease. Better yet, the all-new design is interchangeable for users with both right and left dominant hands.

Info & images: yankodesign.com

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