Saturday, May 12, 2018

Philippe Starck designs minimalist footwear

"ipnema philippe starck indiaartndesign"

Refreshing, timeless and accessible elegant footwear from Ipanema with Starck 2018 collection!

The 2018 collection launches worldwide and features a fresh take on past models. It introduces new ergonomics to reconcile optimized comfort and high elegance through six Chic, cultured and minimal designs, including three new shapes and new colours. In addition, two unisex models are available up to a men’s US size 13.  One of the new shapes, Hoops, is adaptable to all foot types with the use of EVA. EVA is a soft but durable material that provides lightness and flexibility and is resistant to tension and deformation.

Focusing on sustainability, Ipanema with Starck was developed with 100% recyclable materials. 

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