Saturday, September 29, 2018

Carpets by Ar. Steven Holl

"carpets steven holl indiartndesign"

Renowned architect Steven Holl designs two carpets and they’ve been released by cc-tapis.  

The two carpets, the “Morton Feldman Carpet” and the “Ex of IN Carpet” are beautiful work - a study of the two mediums of art - Music and Architecture. The “Morton Feldman” was inspired by American composer Morton Feldman’s musical score. The Ex of IN House carpets inspired by the architectural language of the study of intersections of spherical spaces. 

Process materials include models, studies, watercolours, sculptural objects, and rug samples. The carpets are first to be offered in the Woven Watercolours collection. They were originally designed in collaboration with cc-tapis for the Lewis Arts Complex at Princeton University and the Ex of IN House in Rhinebeck, New York.

The carpets and their development narratives are on view at the Hundred Mile showroom gallery in Rhinebeck from September 22 through October 28.

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