Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Coil – Flexible modular furniture!

"bram kerkhofs coil indiaartndesign"

Coil is a stand-alone cabinet concept that consists of various modules that can be flexibly expanded (from 1 to 5 modules as standard).

Designed by Bram Kerkhofs, the Coil is equipped with a specific cut-out at the edge at the upper and lower element that allows an elastic rope to be woven through. This results in a semi-transparent curtain where the content appears as an enchanting film when you walk past it. By closing the corners, COIL seems to float just in front of the wall. The curtain can easily be pushed aside at any desired location.

Customization is also possible where the size of and the distances between the different modules can be determined freely in function of the desired shape and where the system can also be attached to the wall 

Info & Images: www.bram-kerkhofs.be

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