Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Sleek interventions

"boafocus fireplace Dominique Imbert indiaartndesign"

Straight out of designer Dominique Imbert's bedtime story comes Boafocus central -  a sleek fireplace that can grace any living space.

The Boafocus central model combines a svelte yet elegantly curvy silhouette with an efficient multi-functional gas fire. It's a high-performance stove suitable for low-energy buildings. You can easily operate it with the use of remote control (lighting, programming, adjustment, etc.). The electronic mechanism of the burner and the gas supply system is built into the base. It's also operational via batteries in case of a power cut and combustible with natural gas or propane. Available in matt black (standard) or anthracite grey (optional), it stands out as the winning entry of the Innovative Interior award in Germany’s 2018 Iconic Awards.

Info & images: www.focus-fireplaces.com

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