Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A drop of wood

"wooden basins solli concepts indiaartndesign"

Solli Concepts introduces an entire range of premium wooden basins under their ‘A drop of wood’ collection.

The wooden basins are of teak because of its natural waterproofing properties. The line is curated using traditional joinery techniques thus eliminating the use of any nails or screws. 
Surprisingly, wooden sinks are part human sanitary from the very early days, made from natural wood with no additional finishing. Keeping this tradition alive and infusing it into the modern-day lifestyle, this collection of handmade pieces makes a perfect fit for the kitchen, bathroom, boutique hotel, spa… or anyone looking to add a little warmth and tranquillity to a traditionally cold and glossy area.

‘A drop of wood’ collection debunks most of the myths associated with wood and its tendency with water.

Info & images: www.solliconcepts.com

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