Saturday, November 3, 2018

Photovoltaic concrete!

"photovoltaic concrete DysCrete indiaartndesign"

DysCrete combines the advantages of technological photosynthesis and concrete. 

The basis of the system is concrete with its many positive qualities as a structural product (fire resistance, high strength, and durability, variety of construction methods). The energy-generating function is produced with freely available components, with no additional toxic emissions. 

This innovative system of materials is renewable, largely recyclable and environmentally friendly. Because it can make use of the energy in diffuse light, its structural applications are virtually unlimited compared to conventional photovoltaic systems, opening up a world of possibilities in the field of structurally integrated photovoltaics. 

DysCrete is ideally suited for manufacturing prefabricated concrete elements for building construction, for new types of building facades, and for in¬door and out¬door wall and floor systems.

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