Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Rational and Irrational Tables

"okha rational irrational tables indiaartndesign"

Rational and Irrational are new table designs that are given 'A' forms by Okha Design.

Rational’s subtle A-frame form is light in appearance but weighs in as true heavy metal.  The Rational table is intentionally fragmented and harmonious in the same instance, its composition of separate components meeting almost edge-to-edge as they glance at each other at unexpected points, mere millimetres from border-to-border.

Irrational stands slightly taller and with systematic negative space; rows of circular precision cut-outs reminiscent of roadside braille lend an industrial feel. Rational and Irrational both are products of four wafer-thin waxed mild steel plates. Its form (aka Carbon Steel) is naturally oxidised, and waxed multiple times to bring a delicate, sensitive patina to this most robust of metals resulting in an intelligent depth of design and quiet visual arrest.

Info & images: www.okha.com

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