Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Add zing to party times with a family of wall lamps

"the party wall lamps by moooi indiaartndesign"

'The Party' is a set of captivating character lamps by designer duo Kranen and Gille that will surely add life to any party! 

The Party is inspired by a clan of strong captivating personalities. Their cast ceramic faces bring to light our fascination with secrets, family dynamics, and intrigue. The product has a solid-state LED light which allows adjusting the light to the mood with a colour temperature of 2700K.  Its power consumption is 5W.  

The lamps share the same basic tactile feel, a subtle roughness given by the granular ceramic finish, but are distinguished by their individual style and detailing. The Party is available even in selected partners.

Info & images: www.moooi.com

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