Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Mining cryptocurrency made easy, claims Coinmine!

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Coinmine Tech company launches a first-of-its-kind product – Coinmine One - designed to allow you to mine and manage cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Coinmine enables you to participate in Proof-of-Work currency mining and control the whole process from your phone.  Switch which currency you’re mining whenever you like or add additional Coinmine Ones to your account. It has a new operating system designed to make crypto easy. 

Built from the ground up to adapt to the future of crypto, Coinmine helps free your money and information from the hands of the few who use your information for their own benefit. The company aims to make the interface as simple and streamlined as possible, instead of users managing several different hardware devices and cryptocurrency wallets. 

Users of Coinmine One plug in the device, select the cryptocurrency network they want to power via the app, which also allows them to track activity and check how much they have earned.

Info & images: www.coinmine.com

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