Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Reinventing your mojo!

"overallt ikea indiaartndesign"

Modern urban rituals are the common starting point, and the result is ÖVERALLT collection – fun, inclusive, and expressive.

Inspired by the modern urban rituals that are common across all cultures – the things we do and use every day to feel at home – ÖVERALLT ranges from tableware and seating to textiles.  It's a team of designers from the fields of fashion, sculpture, architecture, and furniture design who have been paired with IKEA designers to create the collection.

So, in a world that is continually re-inventing design and décor trends, here’s your chance at something out-of-the-box! The collection will be made available from May 2019.

Info & images: www.ikea.today.com

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