Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Smart Luggage for Space Travel

"horizn ONE space travel made enjoyable indiaartndesign"

Horizn ONE is a design study by Horizn Studios and Alyssa Carson, the world’s youngest astronaut, to address the needs of the next generation of travel – to space.

The world's first brand to integrate a removable charging function with optional GPS tracking in a suitcase; the first to offer luggage with its own Personal Travel Assistant service, it has a vacuum function for maximum efficiency. The luggage can also be folded completely flat when empty to allow for easy storage. Further, a silver-ion enhanced compartment provides a bacteriostatic function, neutralises germs and odour on the space traveller’s clothes. 

Graphene supercapacitors and an inductive charging field allow for highly efficient energy storage and wireless charging of electronic devices. Its inbuilt smart screen is designed to allow travellers to stay in touch and share experiences via video with loved ones back on Earth.

Info & images: www.horizn-studios.com

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