Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Superflex aura powered suit for the elderly!

"galaxy superflex fuseproject indiaartndesign"

Fuseproject and Superflex are trying to expand the social lives of an ageing population with their futuristic Superflex aura powered suit.

While most robotic technology and AI bring up dystopian notions, Aura Powered Suit proposes to be easily adaptable and promotes daily use for the elderly. Using biomimicry, the suit configuration is anatomically aligned with the natural muscular composition of its wearer. 

For maximum comfort, the hard technology components such as motors, batteries and control boards are designed into hexagonal low-profile pods. These pods are attached to fabric origami fold-ins that allow movement in 3 dimensions, permitting the hardware to expand, contract and move with the wearer. This enables a modular and scalable system that adapts to different user muscular needs and heights. The hardware pods are removable to make the garment cleanable.

The idea is to extend the window during which the product can remain independent, active, and connected to use, easy to clean and put on, and accessible in price. 

Info & images: www.fuseproject.com

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  1. when will be the suit available in market for purchase. it is a great product and i am waiting to get is A.S.A.P


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