Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Jenga for the kitchen!

"multicooker 2cook yanko design indiaartndesign"

Hyejin Lee from Yanko Design designs 2Cook – a multi-cooker that reminds you of the game of Jenga!

2cook is an electric multi-cooker and consists of a series of cooking vessels stacked on top of each other in the most simple and minimalistic style! Created from a mix of stainless steel, iron, and silicon, the multi-cooker comprises six major components. The largest component functions as an induction stove or the heat source for the rest of the vessels. Cooking utensils tend to occupy a lot of space in our kitchens due to their bulky nature. However, the 2cook multi-cooker is all in one - A stove, pans, pot, and a grill. Sounds picture perfect!

Info & images: www.yankodesign.com

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