Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Baby monitoring technology that pampers new parents!

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Lumi - the connected-care-system by Pamper makes parenting easy and stress-free. 

Pamper Lumi enables you to monitor your baby with the help of video monitor (camera) 1080HD wide-angle, night vision, two-way audio, room temperature and humidity tracking, and state-of-the-art encryption. 

A baby activity sensor - Velcro ® securely attached to Lumi diapers (even after 1000 diaper changes) automatically tracks your baby’s sleep and wetting patterns to help you create a routine. The velcro battery lasts for 3 months and replacements are free with the Lumi diaper subscription. 

The sensor and camera send info to the app tracking everything – from feeding, dirty diapers, vaccines etc., and you get helpful insights about your baby's development and routines at your fingertips.

Info & images: www.pampers.com

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