Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Safe Landing Garment

"safe landing garment by Huber-Chen indiaartndesign"

Designer Huber Chen designs a customizable and comfortable 'Safe Landing Garment' using 3D printing technology for athletes to ensure a safe landing. 

In the sporting activity, athletes are experiencing injuries upon landing due to improper form or weak ligaments. Hence, SLG garment will ensure that users with different needs perform with good landing mechanisms. 

It is made from flexible polyurethane filament material that increases comfortability. However, to be accurate with generating a pattern, the designer had to perform a compression test (with a pull force of 25N pull force). Its patterns vary in sizes and wall thickness. 

The designer has sought professional advice to understand the human anatomy of landing mechanisms for the project

Info & images: www.hubertchendesign.com

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