Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Visors for extra protection

"visor covid makerspace AnantU indiaartndesign"

Mr Milind Chitale, Director, Maker Space and his team at Annat University Lab & Studio design the visor as additional protection for field workers during Covid-19…

The design comprises unbreakable Polycarbonate sheet material which is clear and transparent: an important element for good visibility. The components are easy to assemble on the field and can be brought together by simple DIY techniques, with no additional joinery. 

They can be transported as flat stock, ensuring higher transportability. All the parts of the visor can be laser cut for high production and are optimised to consume the lowest material for greatest effect. Size adjustability is built into design for easy use by male and females alike.  Single material for all components for quick and efficient sourcing ensures that the visor are optimised for available raw material standard sheet size with a max of 4 ups per web and the straps made from the resultant scrap made available after the visors are cut.

Mr. Chitale and his team and lab have the capacity to mass-produce the same.  He can be reached at

Info & images: courtesy Mirabilis Inc

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