Tuesday, May 26, 2020

X- Hood – limiting the spread of COVID19

"x hood stuck indiaartndesign"

X-Hood is a new headgear designed by Stuck that enables the first responders, media representatives, and doctors contain the spread of infectious COVID19 disease.

X-Hood, designed for a major hospital in Singapore as part of their Covid-19 efforts, is a light-wearing, disposable hood that helps to contain infectious droplets when patients are being transferred. Prioritizing low costs, quick production techniques, and versatility, this method of creating a head-worn droplet containment shell provides an added layer to minimize cough droplets from dispersal, while achieving comfort and dignity for the patient wearing it. The project is currently in progress for optimization of ventilation comfort, increased certainty of the seal, and further reduction of costs.

Info & images: www.stuck.sg

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