Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Robot Gita – your personal valet with pedestrian etiquette

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Recipient of the Best of the Best Red Dot Awards 2020, Gita (pronounced jee-ta; which is ‘short trip’ in Italian) is a transport robot endowed with pedestrian etiquette, i.e., it can sense both - the user it is following as well as bystanders.

Gita follows its user on the pavement and stows the shopping or bags. With its smooth spherical shape, it looks appealing and cute and at the same time expresses motion thanks to the tyred wheels. It is designed with focus on simplicity, using two sensors in the form of protruding lenses that face forward and sideways. It accelerates and decelerates with the speed and distance of a person, and can rotate in place as fast as a person with a zero turning radius.

It can carry a load capacity of 20 kg, is designed to follow on hard surfaces like sidewalks and paths with a walking speed of about 6 miles per hour, and can communicate via sound, light, and touch. It does not speak, cannot climb stairs, and does not use GPS. 

Info & images: www.mygita.com

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