Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Music Pillow

music pillow from Hush

The Hush music pillow is a technological breakthrough of sorts; it lets you plug in your iPod or phone and listen to music through your pillow...

No uncomfortable earplugs and no disturbance to your partner or anyone else in the room while you fall asleep listening to your favourite tunes.

Plug and play easily with the standard 3.5 mm jack compatible with all your smart-phones, tabs and music players available in today’s world. Feel its resonance through its HD sound quality at a distance that is closest to your ears with great comfort. This Thermo-adapt TM memory foam pillow has been designed with unique vents for optimum air circulation and is composed of ecological water emulsion material. It contours itself to form a perfect shape, providing 3 way support to the head, neck and shoulders ensuring perfect posture.

Compatible with iPod / iPhone /MP3 / CD / DVD players and all other devices with standard 3.5 mm jack

Info & Images: Courtesy hush.in

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