Saturday, May 16, 2015

High-Performance Electric Grill

electric hibachi

Designed by ALTO and presented by Downtown Grill, ThermoCeramix™ is a revolutionary patented heat transfer technology that powers its latest offering – Electric Hibachi, the high performance electric grill.

Because it plugs into a 120 V 15A W/GFI outlet, it’s as easy to use as a toaster. The 16 × 10 inch cooking surface of the Electric Hibachi is non-stick, and the peripheral groove collects cooking residues. Cook. Brush. Wipe. High heat vaporizes any residue left on the grill and a smart design makes scrubbing and degreasing a snap. The device, powerful enough to reach 700 °F in less than 10 minutes, can reach and maintain optimal temperature, even in the open air. It is ideal for condos and apartments, is flame-and gas-free, and is based on a 100% safe electric technology.

Info & Images: Courtesy alto-design.com

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