Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New LED Chandeliers

Archilume's LED Chandeliers
Archilume P28                                                                                                                    Archilume P8

Archilume’s New P28 chandelier offers a unique large-scale configuration option to create a focal piece in a space with increased dimming control.

The chandelier composition is completely customizable and installed on site so each installation is unique. The dimming aspect of the luminaires now offer an increased dimming range down to 1%, which allows for greater control to set the ambiance created by the multiple cluster configurations.

Visually, the ‘P28’ luminaires take on a jewel like quality when observed in multiple cluster chandelier configurations. Similar to the rest of the Archilume collection, the ‘P28’ is versatile, providing endless creative options and offers custom order configurations for commercial and residential projects. The Archilume line also consists of the ‘P8’, which launched in 2014 and features linear and staggered horizontal configuration of lights, in addition to the pendant lights, ceiling chandeliers, and wall sconces.

Info & Images: Courtesy www.archilume.com

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