Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Light from Ventilation Pipes

Throat Lamp by Margus Triibmann for KEHA3

Gone are the days of light bulbs, lamps, tube lights! The Throat Lamp by Margus Triibmann for KEHA3 is here to change the way you light up your room. 

The Throat Lamp design is inspired from industrial ventilation tubes. The lighting is highly flexible, making it possible to position it in the direction you see fit. Its durability is implicated through the industrial design language. The spring tubes used provide a wide range choice of length, creating a versatile luminaire family, while the polyurethane coating offers quality finishing. 

This light can be used as ceiling as well as wall lighting; fitting well into homes as well as the public domain.

Info & Images: Courtesy keha3.ee

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