Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New Pivot Door Systems by Häfele

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Create design elements that influence space, functionality and perception with the world’s most innovative pivot door systems by Hafele! 

Also called rotating walls, pivot doors, when closed are virtually invisible; and when open, determine space. Häfele pivot door systems are fitted ‘in the door’ instead of ‘in the floor or ceiling’ facilitating cost-effective and time-saving construction anytime, anywhere, including in existing buildings. 

The new pivot door hinges utilize high-performance bearings providing maintenance-free operation. Available are SystemOne, System 3 and System 4 offering diverse functionality and features, including a dual-acting pivot with variable closing speed and precise adjustability of door position and closing angle. The former two can be rotated by 360 degrees with no limitation on maximum width, height and thickness. 

Info & Images: Courtesy Hafele India
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